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James Patmore Portrait_Yu-Kuang Chou

James Patmore Studio specialises in product, bespoke installation and interior design. Our concept behind the self produced items is heavily focused on using high quality, locally-sourced manufacturing and materials to create a sustainable product through its longevity. With a designed where I live, made where I live ideology, we are able to oversee and control all aspects of production and implementation.


'Coming from a mixed cultural background and being born in London, England. I have always been exposed to cultures, traditions and people from all over the world. I believe that these experiences subliminally feed a designer’s/artist’s creativity and directly influences their work. By forming James Patmore Studio I want to produce a collection of objects as well as visual works that reflect the cultural hub that we have in London. Building on the experience I have gained during my time working with Tom Dixon and Rolf Sachs I feel that creating, producing and manufacturing objects that have been envisaged locally, not only celebrates high quality British manufacturing as well as Britain’s cultural diversity.'

James Patmore

Image taken by Marco Ponti